Wednesday, June 10, 2009

at an undisclosed location

Me recording. exciting huh?

Thursday, June 4, 2009


pretty self explanatory

Monday, June 1, 2009

Finally Back..

I been meaning to get things back up to speed, but I just been on the move since I got back home. Touring is a lot of fun, but its seriously way harder than anyone gives it credit for being. Overall the tour was a success. There was a few bad shows, but that happens to the best of them. So, no need to go further into that. I do have some pretty funny footage that I'd like to show.

Basically whats next up for me, is my 2nd lp on Weightless Recordings, "Maybe I'm Joking, Maybe I'm Not." Entirely prod by Blueprint. And a surprise or two before that drops this fall. So stay tuned in.

One Last thing! In KANSAS CITY we found a surprise in one of the beds! Just watch the video and you'll see!!

Shout out to everyone that came out and showed love.



Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Diabolical Fun far

Well as I sit here in Lincoln, Nebraska waiting for tonight's show. I figured I might as well give some insight as to how shit's been going. Touring first off is very humbling. You learn fast that no one is undefeated. Athens, and Traverse City were good shows, the energy from the crowd was great. Bloomington, and Lawrence werent too great at all. But, regardless we have been selling merch so its all good. Illogic and Manwell are professionals to the highest degree. Regardless of the size of the crowd they rock like its sold out. Which I also try and do myself. So, thats that.
Last night I saw a girl dancing on a wooden floor that was dirty as hell at this bar, with no shoes on. I dont know what the hell would possess someone to do that, but she did. But, thats really about all I got at the moment. I'll keep filling in as it goes.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Diabolical Fun (rmx) Illogic, Slug, Zerostar, and Aesop Rock

Columbus, OH — Upon the official release of his Diabolical Fun album on March 24, Illogic set his sights on lining up a tour that would reach the fans who have supported him on the journey of creating his fifth full-length project. The Diabolical Fun Tour will kick off on April 16 in Athens, Ohio, and will commence through May 17 as Illogic hits cities throughout Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona.Graciously received by critics, Diabolical Fun is Illogic’s first full body of work in nearly five years. The songs showcase his range of songwriting, from harder lyrical tracks like “Let’s Go” to more sentimental poetry like “I Know You.” To celebrate the tour, Illogic went back into the studio to record the remix for the title track “Diabolical Fun” with Slug of Atmosphere, Aesop Rock of Definitive Jux and Zerostar of Weightless Recordings.

Zerostar and DJ Manwell will perform alongside Illogic throughout The Diabolical Fun Tour. Meanwhile, producer/emcee Ill Poetic, who also produced the entire Diabolical Fun album, will be off on his own Re:Definition Tour with Zone and DJ Rare Groove. The Diabolical Fun Tour and Re:Definition Tour will meet up for one dynamic night on May 1 at Red’s Bar in Sioux City, Iowa.

As the Diabolical Fun Tour progresses, more dates in new cities may be added. For now, Illogic is preparing for the exciting weeks ahead. “I’ve never been more excited to go on tour then I am for this one,” he says. “I look forward to getting face to face with the fans once again. It’s been way too long! The making of Diabolical Fun as an album was an amazing experience, and I excited to bring the music to life on stage.”

Diabolical Fun Tour Dates4/16 - Athens, OH @ Casa Cantina (6 W State St, 45701)4/17 -

Traverse City, MI @ The Loading Dock (205 Lake Ave, 49684)4/18 - Bloomington, IN @

Rhinos (325 S Walnut St, 47401)4/20 - Lawrence, KS @ The Jackpot Saloon (943

Massachusetts St, 66044)4/22 - Lincoln, NE @ The Box Awesome (815 O St, 68508)4/23 -

Sioux Falls, ND @ Nuttys (3400 W 49th St, 57106)4/25 - Minneapolis, MN @ Dinkytowner

(412 14th Ave Se, 55414)4/26 - Kansas City, MO @ Record Bar (1020 Westport Rd, 64111)

4/28 - Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews (212 4th Street, 50309)4/30 - St Louis, MO @

Atomic Cowboy (4140 Manchester Ave, 63110)5/1 - Sioux City, IA @ Reds Bar (1919 Pierce

Street, 51104)5/2 - Milwaukee, WI @ The Highberry (2322 S Kinnickinnic Ave, 53207)5/7 -

Austin, TX @ Karma Lounge (119 W 8th St, 78701)5/8 - San Antonio, TX - venue TBA5/9 - San

Marcos, TX @ Triple Crown Live (206 N Edward Gary, 78666)5/10 - Las Cruces, NM @ Code

Red Café (1160 El Paseo Rd, 88001)5/11 - Pueblo, CO @ Zippers (326 S Union Ave, 81003)

5/12 - Denver, CO @ Bases Loaded (3109 Federal Blvd, 80211)5/13 - Ft. Collins, CO @ The

Cork (313 W. Drake Rd, 80526)5/14 - Salt Lake City, UT @ Bar Deluxe (668 S State St, 84111)

5/15 - Tempe, AZ @ The Sets (93 East Southern Ave, 85282)5/16 - Flagstaff, AZ @ The Joint

(110 S San Francisco St, 86001)5/17 - Tucson, AZ @ November Bar & Cabaret (4001 N Romero

Rd, 85705)

Catch us if you can, says the ginger bread man...


Friday, April 10, 2009

Adults are liars

I've come to the realization that adults are full of shit. I mean remember being a kid all on your "I cant wait to be an adult," shit? What did adults say? You shouldn't be in a rush to grow up years go by fast. Yeah, all that's true, but they didn't' bother to tell you how EVERYTHING costs money! All that fucking fun they were having wasn't free! But, you didn't know that shit, you just thought damn I cant wait to wyle out and do adult shit like...fucking. I mean let's face it even at 18-22 range you're still basically on some kid shit.
I imagine it has to be even worse for a woman, cause once you start hitting them late 20's, the clock is ticking. I know women are having kids later and later, but who the hell wants to be like 70 with a 10 yr old? So, then as a woman maybe you start approaching relationships much differently than you did in the earlier years. (all of this is assuming that you would want kids in the first place of course) If you really think about it the only thing adults can do that kids cant are the following. You can stay up as long as you fucking want. Whatever that's worth. Hell, anyone with a 9-5 will tell you that's not even really true. You can drink. Well, most of us as kids just drank dumb amounts of soda anyway so we were hopped up on caffeine. Adults drink alcohol and red bulls. Advantage kids, at least no hangover involved in coca cola. You can fuck without fear of getting in trouble. And well I think we all know as adults THAT SHIT AIN'T TRUE. Think about it like this. Would you rather be caught having sex with your 15 yr old g/f by your parents, OR get caught cheating on your wife or g/f? I rest my case.
In short being an adult is over rated..

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good Morning

Imma just get to the damn point. Why is it that people with the worst breath always wanna be so fucking close to you when they talk? Is it because they secretly know they have bad breath and wanna torture you? Because I'm sure everyone can agree that it seems such a coincidence that people with bad breath are always on some personal space convo shit. On the real I've found girls to be more guilty of this than guys. Which is highly unattractive, I mean how you gonna look all good and then speak and melt the room? Then how come whenever you offer them gum or mints they don't NEVER want it? Like word? Oh really? You don't EVER need a mint huh? Shit is disgusting. People keep the breath fresh!

Friday, March 20, 2009

The greatest question of all time....

As I sit here in a hoodie long johns and sweats cause its 20 something outside, I ponder this simple question. It is among the greatest questions of mankind's quest for knowledge. Right along side gems such as, "What came first the chicken or the egg?", and "Was it necessary for Judas to betray Jesus?" When its in the 20's is wearing flip flops ever an option?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Blog Updated!

The Good Old Days

Remember when the Internet was the shit? Remember that one kid in your neighborhood that had the shit first? You would break your fucking neck to get over there and be on chat rooms all damn day! Remember when you first started picked up all the net slang? How hype you got when you finally got a chick (or what you perceived to be a chick, but after watching to catch a predator 7328 times who knows) to ask you those all important three questions. A/S/L? Remember going to Krs One's temple of hip hop? If you do remember then you should remember that shit sucked, and it was nothing. Some of you may even remember the first person you met from the net, and they looked nothing like the picture said, OR you discovered neither of you had SHIT to say to each other. Remember how awkward that shit was? Some people moved on and just kept talking to regular people. Most continued cyber macking until they perfected the art. Now we have myspace, blackplanet, friendster, facebook, and God knows what else.

I guess my point is I miss the days when your house phone rang and you HAD TO ANSWER, cause most of us couldn't afford caller id. So, if you didn't answer you might miss that girl you been wanting to call. Maybe you would rush to the answering machine and try and pick up real quick, but it would be too late! Then you'd be SICK for the rest of the day, just praying the phone would ring again. Those days were the shit!

Sunday, March 15, 2009


You know in times like these, even though I try not to support Walmart for my own reasons, I've had to go shopping there recently. Which is whatever, but I swear man its something about that place that makes normal people turn into jackasses. As we got out the parking lot some dude was yelling at this old lady about stealing his parking space. Now, this woman was clearly a senior citizen and she said she didnt know he was gonna park there. But, off the strength even if she did know. Fuck that shit walk your mid 30's ass a little bit further this is an elderly woman. the funny shit was the token gay black dude with braids in the background telling him to shut his punk ass up. I find that to be very ironic and funny. Then when you actually get to the inside of the store its just complete and utter chaos coming from all angles. Mad somolians talking at mach 3 speed with their kids running around like crazy. Overweight white women stuck in their 2nd childhood talking grimey as fuck. Young black teenagers just hanging out for the fuck of it. Running in between isles like they aint got no home training, and the truth is they dont. Because their mom is somewhere in the jewelry section tryin to come up her 17th gold necklace with the letter K. That's another thing besides the fact its beyond busy. There is something that just isnt right about being in the electronics department with a shopping cart full of food. And then sliding over to the clothing isle to check out some socks and underwear. Walmart aint right man I'm telling you! Plus the way its setup is overwhelming as fuck. Everything is big and bright and spaced the fuck out. Shit is like the size of a small shopping mall. Which I guess in essence it basically is.
"Illuminati hold my mind, soul, and my body, secret society tryin to keep they eye on me"

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

twitter addicts

Man I just wanna say something real quick...let me preface this by saying I am a big fan of Jay Electronica. I think dude goes in something crazy on the lyrics. Now, twitter is the new kid on the block. That's fine by me, so I follow this cat on twitter. LITERALLY, this dude twitters like every other minute! He twittered that he had to quit twittering so much before he got banned! WTF part of the game is that? I'm all with the new tech and all, but come on fam. I had to quit following my man cause he was taking up too much shit. I guess my point is the world is outta control, not just rap!

P.S. In the slim chance Jay you see this, dont take it personal..even if you do I'll be the "bitch" and apologize since men dont do that. I just think the shit is pretty outraegous


Monday, March 2, 2009

Bar shit

I dont understand why when you walk in a bar there is always a log jam in the walk way. I mean when I walk in a spot I'm making a b-line for the bar no question. I mean I am there to get my draaank on right? So, why is it then that there will be a group of like 20 ppl right in the fucking way? Come to think of it who the fuck rolls that deep to a bar? I mean what happened to Treach "I do my dirt all by my lonely?" I mean I can step somewhere with a few friends, but rolling 20 plus deep is bad for a lot of reasons. One being (see above) "fucka crew I got solo tatics!" Second if you there to try and go in on some strange, there is only so many availabe women willing to be slayed that night. So, you walk in there with 90 dudes, assuming you all are there for the same thing, and you roll with a group of handsome dudes, well then your chances are lessened correct? It really has nothing to do with who has more "game," or any silly shit like that. Its just odds famo. Third who really has 20 plus people they would wanna go out with to the same spot and have a blast? Because I certainly don't have anything near that many people I would. Maybe I'm just an old playa playa from back day, and havent adapted to the new rules, but I dont thats the case. But, back to my original point. Get the fuck out my way so I can get this drink bitch! Last time I checked you dont own this shit, so why are you holding the doorway down, like a rape victim? Just my thought for today. Anyway I'm off to go get some decent pics done since I dont have hauuuuuuir anymore.


Friday, February 27, 2009

The Weave is Gone!!!

So, after 8 yrs I finally decided to cut the dreadlocks. As you can see i'm rocking the mini mohawk with the batman symbol. Word to Boobie Gibson. No, I didnt keep the dreads in a bag. Its funny how attatched everyone else has become to my hair, but I'm not. I feel great. I'm on some new year new look shit. Word to Obama change is good. The thing I am most pissed about is I have to start my hat collection ALL OVER. Which is bullshit, cause I have a lot of damn hats and none of them are cheap. So, if anyone wants some dope ass New Era fitteds and can wear a size 8 lemme know and we can work something out. Once I get a better camera I'll be taking more pics to let you see the full glory, but you at least get the point with this. But, honestly there is something to be said about someone with the batman symbol on their head. Let's you nukkas know I aint PLAYIN! Thats it for know. Special Ed, and Buckshot on deck tonight. Shit should be live.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This is my official blog site. I will be keeping everyone up to speed, word to Greenhouse! I'm just gonna give a quick run down of whats going on and the plans for the year.

1. Mixtape coming out with this cat from the Uk named Dub Md. Should be out in April which is like tomorrow! Yes, it will be dope so dont ask.

2. Planning to hit the road this spring with Illogic in support of his new album Diabolical Fun. We have some dates confirmed, but I dont wanna speak on it until everything is 100% confirmed. So, as the weeks come I'll keep you up to date with that.

3. My 2nd Lp on Weightless will be out this fall. "Maybe I'm Joking, Maybe I'm Not," will be the title. I think we got some surprises, but once again I dont wanna speak on things until they happen. But, its shaping up to be crazy. Ha, I notice all rappers say that about their albums. Scratch that this album will be the worst piece of shit ever created. This is opposite day!

So, until I feel like typing again remember:
Most people at the gym look like shit!

Space Ghost