Sunday, March 15, 2009


You know in times like these, even though I try not to support Walmart for my own reasons, I've had to go shopping there recently. Which is whatever, but I swear man its something about that place that makes normal people turn into jackasses. As we got out the parking lot some dude was yelling at this old lady about stealing his parking space. Now, this woman was clearly a senior citizen and she said she didnt know he was gonna park there. But, off the strength even if she did know. Fuck that shit walk your mid 30's ass a little bit further this is an elderly woman. the funny shit was the token gay black dude with braids in the background telling him to shut his punk ass up. I find that to be very ironic and funny. Then when you actually get to the inside of the store its just complete and utter chaos coming from all angles. Mad somolians talking at mach 3 speed with their kids running around like crazy. Overweight white women stuck in their 2nd childhood talking grimey as fuck. Young black teenagers just hanging out for the fuck of it. Running in between isles like they aint got no home training, and the truth is they dont. Because their mom is somewhere in the jewelry section tryin to come up her 17th gold necklace with the letter K. That's another thing besides the fact its beyond busy. There is something that just isnt right about being in the electronics department with a shopping cart full of food. And then sliding over to the clothing isle to check out some socks and underwear. Walmart aint right man I'm telling you! Plus the way its setup is overwhelming as fuck. Everything is big and bright and spaced the fuck out. Shit is like the size of a small shopping mall. Which I guess in essence it basically is.
"Illuminati hold my mind, soul, and my body, secret society tryin to keep they eye on me"

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