Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Good Old Days

Remember when the Internet was the shit? Remember that one kid in your neighborhood that had the shit first? You would break your fucking neck to get over there and be on chat rooms all damn day! Remember when you first started picked up all the net slang? How hype you got when you finally got a chick (or what you perceived to be a chick, but after watching to catch a predator 7328 times who knows) to ask you those all important three questions. A/S/L? Remember going to Krs One's temple of hip hop? If you do remember then you should remember that shit sucked, and it was nothing. Some of you may even remember the first person you met from the net, and they looked nothing like the picture said, OR you discovered neither of you had SHIT to say to each other. Remember how awkward that shit was? Some people moved on and just kept talking to regular people. Most continued cyber macking until they perfected the art. Now we have myspace, blackplanet, friendster, facebook, and God knows what else.

I guess my point is I miss the days when your house phone rang and you HAD TO ANSWER, cause most of us couldn't afford caller id. So, if you didn't answer you might miss that girl you been wanting to call. Maybe you would rush to the answering machine and try and pick up real quick, but it would be too late! Then you'd be SICK for the rest of the day, just praying the phone would ring again. Those days were the shit!

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  1. Hell yeah. Thats when we were all greatful when something new came out. Now, when something cool surfaces, we check it out and keep anticipating something else because we know that there's gonna be something else around the corner. But yeah, those were the days my dude.