Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Diabolical Fun far

Well as I sit here in Lincoln, Nebraska waiting for tonight's show. I figured I might as well give some insight as to how shit's been going. Touring first off is very humbling. You learn fast that no one is undefeated. Athens, and Traverse City were good shows, the energy from the crowd was great. Bloomington, and Lawrence werent too great at all. But, regardless we have been selling merch so its all good. Illogic and Manwell are professionals to the highest degree. Regardless of the size of the crowd they rock like its sold out. Which I also try and do myself. So, thats that.
Last night I saw a girl dancing on a wooden floor that was dirty as hell at this bar, with no shoes on. I dont know what the hell would possess someone to do that, but she did. But, thats really about all I got at the moment. I'll keep filling in as it goes.


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