Monday, March 2, 2009

Bar shit

I dont understand why when you walk in a bar there is always a log jam in the walk way. I mean when I walk in a spot I'm making a b-line for the bar no question. I mean I am there to get my draaank on right? So, why is it then that there will be a group of like 20 ppl right in the fucking way? Come to think of it who the fuck rolls that deep to a bar? I mean what happened to Treach "I do my dirt all by my lonely?" I mean I can step somewhere with a few friends, but rolling 20 plus deep is bad for a lot of reasons. One being (see above) "fucka crew I got solo tatics!" Second if you there to try and go in on some strange, there is only so many availabe women willing to be slayed that night. So, you walk in there with 90 dudes, assuming you all are there for the same thing, and you roll with a group of handsome dudes, well then your chances are lessened correct? It really has nothing to do with who has more "game," or any silly shit like that. Its just odds famo. Third who really has 20 plus people they would wanna go out with to the same spot and have a blast? Because I certainly don't have anything near that many people I would. Maybe I'm just an old playa playa from back day, and havent adapted to the new rules, but I dont thats the case. But, back to my original point. Get the fuck out my way so I can get this drink bitch! Last time I checked you dont own this shit, so why are you holding the doorway down, like a rape victim? Just my thought for today. Anyway I'm off to go get some decent pics done since I dont have hauuuuuuir anymore.


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