Friday, April 10, 2009

Adults are liars

I've come to the realization that adults are full of shit. I mean remember being a kid all on your "I cant wait to be an adult," shit? What did adults say? You shouldn't be in a rush to grow up years go by fast. Yeah, all that's true, but they didn't' bother to tell you how EVERYTHING costs money! All that fucking fun they were having wasn't free! But, you didn't know that shit, you just thought damn I cant wait to wyle out and do adult shit like...fucking. I mean let's face it even at 18-22 range you're still basically on some kid shit.
I imagine it has to be even worse for a woman, cause once you start hitting them late 20's, the clock is ticking. I know women are having kids later and later, but who the hell wants to be like 70 with a 10 yr old? So, then as a woman maybe you start approaching relationships much differently than you did in the earlier years. (all of this is assuming that you would want kids in the first place of course) If you really think about it the only thing adults can do that kids cant are the following. You can stay up as long as you fucking want. Whatever that's worth. Hell, anyone with a 9-5 will tell you that's not even really true. You can drink. Well, most of us as kids just drank dumb amounts of soda anyway so we were hopped up on caffeine. Adults drink alcohol and red bulls. Advantage kids, at least no hangover involved in coca cola. You can fuck without fear of getting in trouble. And well I think we all know as adults THAT SHIT AIN'T TRUE. Think about it like this. Would you rather be caught having sex with your 15 yr old g/f by your parents, OR get caught cheating on your wife or g/f? I rest my case.
In short being an adult is over rated..

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