Tuesday, February 24, 2009

This is my official blog site. I will be keeping everyone up to speed, word to Greenhouse! I'm just gonna give a quick run down of whats going on and the plans for the year.

1. Mixtape coming out with this cat from the Uk named Dub Md. Should be out in April which is like tomorrow! Yes, it will be dope so dont ask.

2. Planning to hit the road this spring with Illogic in support of his new album Diabolical Fun. We have some dates confirmed, but I dont wanna speak on it until everything is 100% confirmed. So, as the weeks come I'll keep you up to date with that.

3. My 2nd Lp on Weightless will be out this fall. "Maybe I'm Joking, Maybe I'm Not," will be the title. I think we got some surprises, but once again I dont wanna speak on things until they happen. But, its shaping up to be crazy. Ha, I notice all rappers say that about their albums. Scratch that this album will be the worst piece of shit ever created. This is opposite day!

So, until I feel like typing again remember:
Most people at the gym look like shit!

Space Ghost

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