Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Let me start off by saying this. Giant Eagle has a sale going on sunkist oranges buy 10 for $2. You might wanna get on that asap.

Now last night Ohio State clinched a share the Big Ten title. They are looking like a lock for a #2 seed at the very worst. I've been a North Carolina Tarheels hoops fan my whole life. I also grew up rooting for Ohio State. The two programs couldnt be any more different this year. Ohio State has big dreams of final fours and net cutting. North Carolina one year removed from net cutting has dreams of going home to play Call of Duty. I have reasons to be happy and pissed, but to be honest I could care less. This is coming from a guy that's been a basketball junkie for most of my life. See, the thing is I've felt this way the whole year, and I've wondered why I felt this way. Then midway through the season it dawned on me.......College Basketball SUCKS!! The NBA is so much better its almost not even worth discussing. To all you college they play for the love diehards. You can calmly quit reading this, get up from your computer, and stick your head in a fan blade. Of course because they're pros the game should be better because its played at a higher level. (Hey did you hear Bill Gates has a lot of money?) Of course that logic makes sense, but I'm talking about the entertainment and watchability factor. I can argue with you all day, CFB is just as enjoyable if not more than the NFL. And I feel like I can give a damn good argument for it! The thing is I didnt always feel this way about college basketball. As a kid I knew nothing better from 94'-98. Now, I barely wanna watch North Carolina or Ohio State, let alone any random team on Big Monday or Super Tuesday. I'd rather watch the Chris Pauless Hornets vs the New York Knicks these days. I'm sorry to all you college bleeders, but have you ever seen Kevin Durant play? What about Carmelo Anthony? Stephen Curry? Stephen Jackson? Deron Williams? Chauncey Billiups? Oh yeah what about those Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Kobe Bryant guys? Thats not even the tip of the iceberg. I dont even KNOW that many players in college, let alone the fact there isnt even that many good players in college and I only named a small handful. But, I'm not totally lost on the game, as much as I've been bashing it this whole time, I do still keep tabs although very loosely. I will still fill out a bracket when its time. I will still get drunk and watch the whole first round on friday, and act like I was shot everytime my #12 vs #5 matchup doesnt go the way I had in my 1 of 6 brackets. The difference is I will watch the NBA playoffs with the focus of a surgeon and will get a chance to see basketball played at the highest level on earth.
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